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Hello! I am Arantxa Serrano. Would you like to know the secrets of the city of the Alhambra through a personalized experience? You are in the right place.

I arrived in Granada as just another tourist and was so amazed by the richness of its historical and artistic heritage that I decided to make this Andalusian city my home. And I stayed with a purpose, to share the beauty of this jewel that contains endless secrets to discover.

I do not propose any guided tour, I offer you a tailor-made experience where you and your family, partner or companions enjoy an exclusive tour. With my knowledge and experience, you will discover the exquisite corners of the historical and artistic complex of Granada, as well as all its history and its whys and wherefores.

Guided Tours

Albaicín and Sacromonte

The hidden beauty of the squares and streets of Granada is evident in two of its unique neighborhoods, the Albaicín and Sacromonte. The narrow streets and thick walls of


Guided tour of the Alhambra

Join me to contemplate the Alhambra through an exclusive tour and discover all the treasures that make it a unique monumental jewel in the world. An unparalleled tour of


Guided tour of Granada

In addition to the Alhambra, Granada has a great wealth of history and monuments at its very heart. In the centre of the city there are buildings built between


What does the guided tour include

Granada has a lot to offer, that’s why I suggest you visit different places. You can choose the one you prefer or, alternatively, do all the visits. Do not forget that, if you choose me as your tour guide, the experience will be completely tailored.

In the personalized visit to get to know the Alhambra we will enter this Nasrid monumental complex that has an area of ​​260,000 square metees. Therein lie the imposing Nasrid Palaces of unmistakable beauty; the Generalife and its spectacular gardens; the Alcazaba which was a fortified military zone; The Medina or the Imperial Palace of Carlos V.

I invite you to discover the mysteries of all the areas with a complete tour or, if you prefer, to unravel the history of one of them with a shorter visit. The private tour includes a very special visit throughout this architectural paradise of living history.

I can also take you to see the Albaicín neighbourhood. Allow yourself to be impressed by its beautiful and steep streets. Accompany me along these routes that are brimming with history and lead to places with spectacular views of the Alhambra itself. In addition, through the walls of the old city we will reach another of the most traditional Granada places, Sacromonte, a neighbourhood of caves, zambras and flamenco art.

The centre of the city also has a lot to tell you, which is why I also offer you a guided tour of Granada so that you can discover all its essence through its historical and artistic heritage. We will delve into the three historical legacies that the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures have left in the city. We will thus discover the traces that remain and that have marked the life of the city. We will stop to admire the majesty of the Granada Cathedral and other buildings such as the Royal Chapel, which houses the remains of Isabel I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, the Catholic Monarchs.

Characteristics of our service

If you come to Granada and want to visit the Alhambra or get to know its historic centre or the Albaicín or Sacromonte neighbourhoods through an exclusive guided tour, I can prepare an unforgettable experience for you. Tell me what you hope to achieve and I will accompany you so that you exceed your expectations. You will feel the history through a unique tour.

Do not miss the opportunity to make a personal visit, adapted to your needs and planned with a private guide. Live a full personal and exclusive guided experience, a different concept from conventional groups. You will have me at your disposal to solve all your curiosities and make the most of the beauty of Granada.

If you have not purchased your ticket to the Alhambra in advance, I will help you with all the procedures so that you only have to worry about enjoying the guided tour. Together, we can explore all the charms of this medieval city, including all the parts that make up the complex, from the Nasrid Palaces to the Generalife or, if you prefer, you can focus your visit on any of these.

How much does our guided tour of Granada cost?

To find out how much a guided tour of Granada or the Alhambra costs, contact me and I will respond quickly with a quote.

Book your guided tour of Granada online

Do not stay without the opportunity of visiting Granada through a private tour and an exclusive experience. You can book your guided tour online:
    • Fill in the form in the online reservation section with all the required information. Do not forget to check your contact method, because that will be the way by which we will finalise the details of your visit.
    • If you need to buy tickets for the Alhambra, I will advise you on the best way to do it and the best time to visit.
    • Taking into account all your preferences, I will create a personalized route that meets and exceeds your expectations. The goal is for you to live a unique experience and soak up the magic of a historic place.
    • With the design of the perfect visit for you, I will contact you to finalise all the details.

The last point is based on enjoying, letting yourself be amazed by each and every one of the corners that make up the city of the Alhambra.

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I have created many visits that I can offer you, but the interesting thing is that you design your own tour so that the experience is perfect.

It’s easy and it’s effective.

Check my guided tours. Choose the one you like!

Fill in the form, send an email or WhatsApp and tell me your needs so I can customize it.

You will receive a proposal that we can review until it fits perfectly.


Personalize your Experience

My mission is to make it possible for those who come to feel part of Granada,

Allow me to personalize your experience to the maximum or ask for information about existing visits.