Guided tour of Granada

In addition to the Alhambra, Granada has a great wealth of history and monuments at its very heart. In the centre of the city there are buildings built between the 14th and 16th centuries that witnessed the history and development of a city that brought together different cultures.

Granada was the capital of the last kingdom to recover the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, for this reason it houses a beautiful Christian and Muslim legacy as part of its heritage. I offer you a different and personalized guided tour of Granada, an exclusive tour where you will learn at your own pace all the charms and stories of the streets of the historic centre of the city.

I invite you to stroll through a city full of references to the three main cultures that inhabited it in ancient times. You will discover the area of ​​the city that welcomed the Jews and you will be amazed by its beautiful streets. We will also see the majestic Cathedral of Granada and you will understand why Queen Isabella I of Castile ordered the construction of a chapel where her remains and those of her husband Fernando II of Aragon still rest.


To arrange a private guided tour of Granada, contact me through the online form and tell me what you cannot miss on your visit.

I will answer you with a tailor-made route proposal in which you can enjoy Granada with exclusive attention and, above all, so that you do not waste a minute of your time in this wonderful city.

You will receive a proposal that we can review until If you would like to visit the interior of the Cathedral or the Royal Chapel, write it down in the contact form.

Next, we will define the meeting point. After this, all that remains is to enjoy a personal guided tour that will allow you to discover all the secrets that the center of a city as special as Granada hides.

What can your private guide show you in Granada?

The historic center of the city of Granada has much to offer and many corners to discover. It is the heart of an originally Muslim city but which, after the Reconquest, passed into Christian hands. As a result of this crossroads of cultures, some buildings typical of the Christians have been preserved, such as the grandiose Cathedral of Granada or the Royal Chapel itself.

But there are also places with completely Arab dyes such as the Madraza or the well-known Alcaicería. If you choose me as your tourist guide in Granada, these places and others that make up the most touristic area of ​​the city, places that escape the recommendations of traditional tourist guides. We will admire Plaza Nueva, the Royal Chancery and the church of Santa Ana; We will also discover why there is a monument where Columbus and Queen Elizabeth herself appear.

We will go down Calle Reyes Católicos and visit the Palacio de la Madraza, an Arab university that is an exquisite example of Muslim art. Next to this beautiful building, we will pass by the Town Hall and learn about the history of this place that underwent a great transformation during the Reconquest. All these treasures, and many more, are what we can discover together with their most revealing stories and anecdotes.


Personalize your Experience

My mission is to make it possible for those who come on a tour to feel part of Granada. Please allow me to personalize your experience to the maximum or, alternatively, ask for information about the existing tour schedules.

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