Guided tour of the Alhambra

Join me to contemplate the Alhambra through an exclusive tour and discover all the treasures that make it a unique monumental jewel in the world. An unparalleled tour of this monument, the most visited in Spain and deservedly recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are looking for a different guided tour where you can see things and also learn about the exciting stories that took place within its walls, you have come to the right place. I offer you a personal experience, where I put all my knowledge, my years of experience and my love for the Alhambra at your disposal. We will go through history, at your own pace and with enough time to leave no detail unturned.

The Alhambra is so unique a place, that it merits a complete and thorough experience. It is such a vast place that you need to visit it with a detailed plan otherwise it could result in missing the most precious details. Do not miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable visit and take away the best memories of Granada.


To arrange a private guided tour of the Alhambra, contact me through the online form to tell me your every requirement.

I will respond to you with a proposal for a tailor-made route in which you can enjoy the monument with exclusive attention and, above all, you can take advantage of all the charms of this architectural wonder.

If you have decided to make the visit, but do not have tickets to visit the Alhambra, I can help you in this respect. You can buy them yourself or I can acquire them for you. Please note that these tickets are person specific and that I will need your personal data to do the purchase.

We will specify the meeting point and time to you. When everything is ready and the day of your visit arrives, it only remains for you make available all your senses so that your visit to the Alhambra is an enriching and unforgettable experience.

What can your private guide in the Alhambra show you?

The Alhambra is not a palace or a castle, but it is a fortified medieval city that was inhabited many centuries ago by more than 5,000 people. Not only this, the fortified city was totally self-sufficient without having to depend on the city lying at its feet. Visiting this rich architectural legacy is well worth it for its legends and for all the many corners that contain invaluable Andalusian art.

During the guided tour we will pass through the different parts of the Alhambra, all brought to life by the stories and treasures that lay inside. On this tour, we will enter the better known parts of the monumental complex, which are Los Palacios Nazaríes, the Generalife gardens and La Alcazaba. You will also have the opportunity to walk through La Medina and the Palace of Carlos V if you want to.

All of these places contain great historical and cultural wealth, but each of them has its own different charms. The splendid Nasrid Palaces were built to be the residence of the kings; the Generalife Gardens were the area for the recreation of the sultans themselves and their natural charm is of great beauty; and the Alcazaba was a strategically built military area that contains many curiosities.

The Medina was the part of the Alhambra that made up a citadel, comprising public baths, shops, workshops and houses for high court officials. Lastly, in the centre of the Alhambra complex is the Palace of Charles V, an imposing Christian construction that hides an impressive courtyard of columns within its walls.

Do you want to get to know the magic of all these places with an exclusive visit? Tell me what you want to see in the online form.


Personalize your Experience

My mission is to make it possible for those who come on a tour to feel part of Granada. Please allow me to personalize your experience to the maximum or, alternatively, ask for information about the existing tour schedules.

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