The night visits to the Alhambra are a unique opportunity to explore this historical monument declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in a different way. During the night visit, you will be able to visit the three Nasrid palaces: the Mexuar Palace, the Comares Palace and the Palace of the Lions, all illuminated by lights that enhance the beauty of the place. In addition, there are fewer people than during the day, which allows you to enjoy the tranquility and silence.

The night visit lasts approximately two hours and allows you to enjoy the night views of the city of Granada from different viewpoints. It is important to note that on some days of the week there may be classical music concerts at the Carlos V Palace, although this only happens during the city’s International Music and Dance Festival, which takes place in June and July.

The visit begins at the main ticket office of the Alhambra, where you can collect your ticket and enjoy an exhibition on the history of the Alhambra. Afterwards, the tour through the Alhambra forest begins, where the lighting of the paths creates a magical atmosphere. Next, access to the Nasrid palaces, where you can see the rooms and patios of the former sultans, now decorated with lights that enhance the beauty of the architectural details.

It is important to note that tickets for the night tour sell out quickly, so booking in advance is recommended. Also, it is important to wear warm clothing and comfortable shoes, as temperatures can be lower at night.

In summary, the night visit to the Alhambra is an essential experience if you are in Granada. The magic and romanticism of the lighting, the tranquility and silence, and the beauty of the monument will captivate you.